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Title: Use of exploratory factor analysis for sustainability determination of fruit tree production: A case study in Hau Giang province, Vietnam
Authors: Le, Thanh Phong
Vo, Quang Minh
Keywords: International articles
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: The study aims to estimate components affecting the cultivation practices of fruit trees. The survey was conducted from February to May 2018 using data from 150 households in Hau Giang Province. The fruit trees surveyed included Green peel pomelo (Chau Thanh and Chau Thanh A Districts), Sanh orange (Nga Bay Town), Xoan orange (Phung Hiep District), Sugar mandarin (Phung Hiep and Long My Districts), and Cat Hoa Loc mango (Chau Thanh A District). Results showed that indicators related to soil fertility were still suitable for citrus tree and mango cultivation. The exploratory factor analysis employs five components: Land use, nutrient use, economic efficiency, orchard design, and labor use. Those components are related to three aspects of sustainable development such as ecology/environment (land use, nutrient use, and orchard design), economy (economic efficiency), and society (labor). The two most essential components were land use and nutrient use. Based on the five components explored, the recommendations for improving the effectiveness of fruit tree production toward sustainable cultivation are proposed.
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